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Study in Canada

A lot of our clients are from non-English speaking countries. Although they have studied English in their home countries, many of them have basic or intermediate English skills. In order to immigrate to Canada, English or French proficiency has become one of the most critical factors now. If you acknowledge that you cannot get high scores in IELTS Academic, CELPIP or TEF, we would recommend you to study in Canada first before immigration.

Top-quality Education

Canada has one of the top-ranked education systems in the world. If you already have a post-secondary diploma or Bachelor's degree, you may choose post-degree certificate/diploma or Master's degree. You may think studying again in Canada is time-consuming and costly, but we would say it is definitely worth receiving the high quality education for further life in Canada as well as immigration.

High Tuition Costs?

It is true that tuition fee for international students in Canada is far higher than residents. But if you are married and have a child, it is a good option to think about, because if you study full-time, your spouse can work anywhere in Canada, your minor children can study for free, and you can also work part-time during the study. Even after graduation, you will have a higher chance to immigrate to Canada with extra points under Express Entry program or eligible for international graduate category under provincial nominee programs.

Some new immigrants are concerned they cannot get a job in Canada after becoming a Permanent Resident, since many employers tend to prefer those who have Canadian diploma or degree and who have Canadian work experience. Considering various factors, study in Canada may be a better option for you.

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