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Aim Higher to Immigrate to Canada

Do you really need a job offer from a Canadian employer to immigrate to Canada? Maybe No! Do you have to study in Canada to receive the Express Entry invitation? Maybe No!

If you have a bachelor's degree or above with skilled work experience, maybe all you need is CLB 9. This is the magic number you need to achieve to immigrate to Canada without Canadian work experience.

IELTS General - Listening: 8.0, Reading: 7.0, Writing: 7.0, Speaking: 7.0

Is it hard to get this score? Oh, yes. Very VERY hard.

However, it is still POSSIBLE. Some of our clients are already immigrating to Canada without Canadian work experience. Why not you? You could be the next.

Let's say you are 29 years old and single with a Bachelor's degree with 3 years of skilled work experience.

If your IELTS score is 6.o for all 4 sections, then your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is 336. It's too low to expect to receive an invitation. However, if you study harder, and get 7.0 for all sections, then your score is 378. I know. It is still low.

Now, let the magic begin. You need to aim higher. If you achieve IELTS General Listening 8.0 and 7.0 for all other 3 sections, then here it comes.

Your score is 429!

Do you have a Master's degree? With the same level of IELTS General (L: 8.0 and R/W/S: 7.0), your score would be 469!

So, if you speak English well, then focus on your IELTS score. It will be your golden key to immigrate to Canada. Don't waste your time and money to find a job offer or to upgrade your education in Canada. Well, please don't get me wrong. In many cases (if your IELTS score is lower than L: 8.0 and R/W/S: 7.0), then you DO need a job offer from a Canadian employer or you MUST study in Canada. I am not denying that your Canadian work experience or Canadian diploma is not that helpful. However, what I want to maintain is that you may have a better way to immigrate to Canada thanks to your IELTS score.

If your IELTS score is around 6.5 to 7.0 or above, please let us know. Your Canadian Dream could be only a few months away from now. Some of our clients receive their Confirmation of PR documents in about 2 to 3 months. I admit it doesn't happen all the time. Many of our Express Entry applications take about 5 months. Well, still, it is very fast. Aim Higher!

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