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BCPNP & EE -Cook

The client unfortunately fell into the wrong hand when he applied his previous Express Entry application. The immigration broker provided a false job offer to him, but he realized something was not right only after arriving in Canada. It was too late for him to do anything, and the refusal letter was already issued.

After reviewing all the documents and supporting documents, we decided to submit an EEBC application with all the explanation about what happened. Luckily our client received 2 invitations, one from IRCC under the Federal Skilled Trades, and the other from BCPNP under EEBC-Skilled Worker.

It didn't take too long for our client to receive the nomination from the BCPNP office. Besides, the Express Entry application is being processed separately. We made sure that these 2 applications could be maintained separately without any issues. We also provided all the explanation with new supporting documents to overcome his previous refusal. We believe he will become a new immigrant very shortly.


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